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You have some questions? No problem! From the First-Time Homebuyer to the Empty-Nester to the Experienced Investor, I have people asking me questions all of the time! Real estate and contracts change over time and state by state, so most people have a lot of questions about how to buy or sell a home. So ask away, I am here to help!

Closing Costs include the fees necessary to buy and sell a house such as: HOA fees, property taxes, state excise tax, real estate commission, home warranty, attorney fees, deed prep fees, wire fees, escrow money, loan fees, etc. The buyer and the seller are expected to pay their own closing costs. The buyer’s closing costs are mostly associated with their loan do vary with each buyer, house, and loan. A buyer should ask their lender how much they should expect to pay in closing costs. The seller’s closing costs are mostly associated with the real estate commission.  Sometimes the buyer asks the seller to pay some of the buyer-side closing costs so that they can lower the amount of money they have to bring to closing.  In many cases, a seller is willing to pay some of the buyer’s closing costs as long as they are happy with their bottom-line.  The amount of the buyer’s closing costs a seller pays is negotiated and agreed upon prior to signing a contract.
A seller would be wise to repair any known items prior to putting their house on the market. While under contract, most buyers have inspections performed and then ask the sellers to repair some items. Most houses, even new homes, do have repair items listed on the inspection reports – even though most sellers feel like they have already taken care of everything. Our current Offer to Purchase and Contract form really sells houses as-is; however, most of the time buyers and sellers negotiate some repairs anyway.  
Our Offer to Purchase and Contract form has a Due Diligence period that is a negotiated amount of time. During this time, the buyer has the opportunity to make sure they want to purchase the home by doing their due diligence in inspections, process their loan, do an appraisal, check out the area, etc. If a buyer decides not to buy the house, they can back out prior to the Due Diligence Date; however, the seller will keep the Due Diligence Fee (an amount negotiated prior to signing the contract).
Yes, we can help you with the purchase of a foreclosure.
There are loan programs that do not require any money down. A lender will be able to tell you if you and/or the house qualifies for this type of program.
A buyer can order any inspection desired. Common inspections are: Home Inspection, Radon Test, Termite Inspection, Well/Septic Inspection, Water Test, etc. In addition, a buyer could order an HVAC Inspection, Chimney Inspection, Structural Engineer Inspection for specific items, etc.
No. There may be restrictions on the house you can buy using one of these loans and may include: type of housing, location, and condition of the home.
The appraisal states the value of the property as determined by a licensed appraiser. It is normally a required fee paid for by the buyer upfront to the lender and ordered by the lender. If the buyer is paying cash, they can still order an appraisal if they want to.
The amount of time from signing a contract to actually buying a house is an agreed-upon time frame by the buyer and seller so varies. However, we see a lot of 30 – 45 day contracts. You should ask your lender how long it will take to process your loan.
Nothing. We will be paid at closing when you buy a house. The amount of money we will make varies from house to house and is a pre-determined amount agreed upon by the listing agent and the seller of the house.
While it is possible to sign a rent-to-own contract, it is rarely done. This type of contract is written by an attorney and can require upfront money. Normally if a buyer has upfront money, they are buying a house not renting. This type of contract can also have an agreed-upon sales price and a closing date far in the future. We never know what will happen with the real estate market in the future, so this may not be in the buyer’s or the seller’s best interest.

Yes, if you have the VA loan benefit and you qualify for a mortgage.

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