Many Raleigh homeowners plan to move in the late fall but wait to list their home on the market until the first of the new year. That means that November and December are a great time to make small home improvements in order to improve the value of a Raleigh home.Homes for Sale in Holly Springs, NC

The real estate team at Janet Kimberly Properties has seen many small improvements made to local homes. We have seen easy projects and tough projects. So, we want to help direct anyone who is considering upgrades with a few tips and the best projects!

4 of the best home improvements projects to increase the value of a home are:

  1. Have an Inspection: This can lead to home improvement projects. But, it also looks really good to prospective buyers to see the home has already been inspected and minor improvements have been made.
  2. Painting: Paint can make a house feel like home. But, the wrong colors could make it feel dark and cold. Choose neutral colors that brighten a room. This is a fun family project and can be very cost-effective, too!
  3. Landscaping: Even in the winter in Raleigh, landscaping improvements can really increase the value of a home. Adding pavers or stones in front of a flower bed or adding evergreen plants can really improve a home’s curb appeal.
  4. Clean and Organize the Home: If a Raleigh home looks cluttered when homebuyers walk in, it could feel like there is not enough storage in the home. Take December to donate unnecessary items or move them to storage so it is easy to navigate rooms and closets.

Are you going to be selling your home in 2018? The Janet Kimberly Properties team would love to come alongside your family and help make the decision on home improvement projects as well as listing the home. Contact us today to start the conversation!