When a family is selling a home, many realtors in Holly Springs come in upon initially meeting with a home seller and suggest a long list of items of things to change in the home. But, what are the best items to focus on? What is the best use of time and money?Holly Springs Home for Sale

Instead of leaving my clients with a laundry list of to-do projects, I try to guide them on what is doable in their home selling situation. As the owner of Janet Kimberly Properties, I teach my team to do the same thing!

4 of the top reasons a home buyer will not purchase a home are:

  1. Small Kitchen: The kitchen in a home can make or break the deal. However, a whole kitchen remodel is not an option for most home sellers. So, I guide my clients on small tweaks they can make to make their kitchens feel larger and cleaner.
  2. Bad Location: Location and how traffic impacts the location of the home is critical. There is nothing someone selling their home can do about its location. But, choose a real estate agent that will be able to market the location and find buyers who will be less impacted by the location.
  3. Rough Exterior: The outside of the home is the first thing a home buyer will see. By making simple upgrades like laying new mulch, mowing the grass, and laying stones around plant beds, the home becomes much more appealing. It is a great way to make individuals fall in love with the home before they open the door.
  4. Cluttered and Unwelcoming: If the living space feels like home, there is a good chance that potential home buyers will be able to feel that when they walk-in. So, have a Holly Springs real estate agent review a few quick changes that could make the home feel more welcoming.

Do you have a laundry list of things you are working on in your home to get it ready to sell? My team and I have seen how that can be so stressful for families. So, give us a call today at (919) 443-5117 and let’s sit down to determine what your Holly Springs home needs.