When selling a home in Apex, home sellers must consider the market and present their home in the most appealing manner. The home should cater to the varying potential home buyers. Something that is a non-negotiable to one homebuyer may be an unimportant feature to the next.Best Neighborhoods in Apex NC

Luckily, there’s some consistency among homebuyers as to what features they want the most. Our Apex real estate team at Janet Kimberly Properties knows the basic guideline and can help pinpoint key features that will sell your home soon after going on the market.

Make sure to avoid these 3 things that today’s home buyers do not prefer in a home:

  1. Distasteful Paint Colors: Certain paint colors are a turn-off. And certain paint colors make a home feel small. If there are a lot of colors on the walls in your home, it might be a wise investment to paint before listing the home for sale.
  2. Excessive Repairs: Even if the repairs are small like touch up paint spots and nail holes to fill in, it can seem very overwhelming to a homebuyer. Set aside a small budget and bring in a local handyman to help patch up a few small projects in order to make the home more appealing.
  3. Personal Pictures in the Home: It seems like pictures of the family would make the home more appealing to home buyers. But, it actually makes it difficult for the homebuyers to imagine their family in the home.

These small changes can make the home feel more like home to potential home buyers and thus, attract a buyer fast.  Our experts at Janet Kimberly Properties know how to make these and other small changes.  Call us today, to sell your home fast!