Let’s all be honest… every Wake County homeowner watches HGTV. The shows get us excited about what we can do to our home in the future or the homes we will own in the future.Fixer Upper Homes in Raleigh

As a Wake County real estate team, Janet Kimberly Properties has seen the impact of HGTV on our homebuyers and home sellers. We have heard a few shows that are more popular than others and we have heard some great things that homeowners have learned.

3 of the top HGTV shows and what a homeowner can learn from them are:

  1. House Hunters: There are so many varieties of this show. There is House Hunters in Paradise and Tiny House Hunters. There is one consistent thing that any homebuyer can learn from any episode: it is important to know what you are looking for in a home, but it is important to know what you can compromise on as well.
  2. Fixer Upper: Fixer Upper leads the market in the home renovation shows. While it is so much fun to watch the dramatic changes, the big thing to take away is to know what you are doing before changing anything in a home. And if you don’t know, hire a professional to help.
  3. Property Brothers: Property Brothers is another renovation show, but there are many episodes that highlight rental properties. The key thing to remember about rental properties, that can be learned from Property Brothers, is you have to be ready to spend money to make money.

Are you watching these HGTV shows? Are they making you want to upgrade your home? Or maybe buy a fixer upper that you can rent out later? I would be honored to learn more about your family and goals. Contact us now to set up a time to chat soon!