If you are looking for a home in the Triangle, you may have noticed that houses don’t stay on the market long. While houses are flying off the market, some people can easily feel defeated by the loss of one or two houses they really liked. They may even be asking themselves, “Is it even possible for me to get an offer accepted?”

At Janet Kimberly Properties, buyers have come in after struggling on the market for months. We help get people in the homes that they want at the prices they want. Part of making that happen is knowing how to make buyers stand out from the crowd of interested parties also trying to get attention.

These 4 tips will help any buyer’s offer stand out in a sellers’ market.

  • Make Your Move Flexible. Buyers can specify that they are flexible on the closing date. Giving the seller the freedom to close when they best see fit. Whether or not they need the flexibility, the freedom will definitely move you up among the crowd.

  • Be Memorable. If a buyer wants their offer to stand out, an easy way is for them to stand out. Develop a personal connection that makes the seller want to remember your name. Even though they are selling this home, people choose who they like or feel they can trust with their house more often than not.

  • Strip the Offer. If multiple buyers turn in offers for the same price, but yours has contingencies and conditions and theirs don’t, it is hard to get chosen. Make your offer as simple as possible and certainly do not make it contingent on selling another home.

  • Make Yourself Available. It is critical to get into new listings as early as possible. If an agent reaches out to help you see a home, make yourself as available as possible for the first time opening that they have. How do you beat similar offers on the same house? Get yours in and accepted first.

It can be difficult trying to buy in a seller’s market. It will all be worth it to get the dream house you have been waiting for though. Contact us today to let Janet Kimberly help you find that house of your dreams.