Finding a new home can be a mix of excitement and stress. People long for getting their dream home, but how do you know if it’s in your dream neighborhood? A great neighborhood can be a key determinant to the future value of your home and the ability to sell when moving. That’s why at Janet Kimberly Properties we make sure you understand the value of a great neighborhood.

5 signs to look for when picking a neighborhood to move to are:

  1. Home Improvements. It is always great to see other owners making improvements like painting, landscaping, or decks. More than just taking pride in their homes, this shows that future neighbors are improving on their investment.

  2. Perfect Scene. Take the chance to visit the neighborhood on the weekend. Are people out walking the streets? How loud is the neighborhood? People sitting on their porches, walking around, greeting people are all signs that people feel safe and secure where they live.

  3. School Ratings. Regardless of whether you have children or not school ratings and test scores are large indicators of where an area is going. Schools with strong test score will always make homes in that area more desirable.

  4. Owners. Speak to the people to see how many rent versus own in the area. High ownership means your neighborhood is more stable and longtime residents communicate more, meaning an even safer neighborhood.

  5. Growth. Although growth may have it downsides, when it comes to home values it’s usually a good thing. Just ask whoever lives next to Amazon HQ2 in a few years. Development can be the earliest sign of growth and increased resistance to housing crashes.

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the perfect home. This can lead to either overload trying to manage your needs or overlooking aspects that make a large difference, especially for first-time homeowners. As trusted experts, Janet Kimberly Properties takes the time to understand and determine what you really need. Visit our website to schedule a free appointment.