Selling your home can take a lot of work. You need to keep the house in immaculate condition in order to show it off in its best light while often times still living in it. Even though it is currently a seller’s market, there are still some things that will turn buyers off from a house and cause it to sit on the market for quite some time.

The Top 3 Things noticed by home buyers when home shopping are:

  • Landscaping: This can be either a positive or negative aspect. If your landscaping is impeccable it will reflect positively on how home buyers view your house and it will also have a positive correlation with the price of your house. This can also work the other way however as well. Dead and unkempt landscaping can give buyers a poor first impression and negatively affect how they view the home and the projected value of the house.

  • Outdated Features: Buyers will notice if your home has outdated features such as brass fixtures, popcorn ceilings, crystal faucet handles, etc. These design faux pas will leave buyers wondering if you didn’t make any updates to what you can see; did you keep up with what they can’t see?

  • Dirt & Odors: If your house is dirty and has weird odors, this is going to be a huge turn off for potential home buyers. There will be a question of what is causing these odors and whether or not they are caused by serious internal problems or just a lack of upkeep. Either way, though it will be a huge turnoff for buyers so make sure to keep your house clean and smelling good.

Buying and selling a home can be a rewarding process and you are closing a chapter in life and opening a new one. Are you worried your home isn’t ready to be sold, contact me today and I can help identify want homebuyers will see in your home?