It’s no secret that the Wake County real estate market is hot right now. But, home sellers can’t assume selling will be an easy ride. The area attracts smart home buyers who are looking for the best home.

A bit of simple preparation can take make a home ready for a sale in no time.

5 quick steps to take when preparing to sell a home in Wake County are:

  1. First impressions matter. Aim to wow potential buyers as soon as they step out of the car. It’s not just about a pop of color on the porch and a nice lawn. Any signs of dirt, cobwebs or even minor wear and tear can lead potential buyers to think the house may need more work than they’re willing to put into the home.
  2. Clear clutter. Start packing and decluttering before listing a home. Decluttering allows the home to be showcased, not the things inside of it. Buyers want to see clear, open spaces that they can move into quickly.
  3. Thoroughly clean the home. Every home needs to be deep cleaned before being listed. This is a good time to determine if professional services such as pressure washing, and carpet cleaning need to be scheduled. Pro tip: they probably do.
  4. Freshen up a home with paint. A fresh coat of paint can do amazing things to a room. The home will look newer and cleaner. It can also update the style of the home or make it more neutral to appeal to more buyers.
  5. Make any repairs. Attack the honey-do list! Sticky locks, loose decking boards, holes left by pictures that have been packed away all need to get fixed. Any larger issues also need to be addressed. Buyers want a home that has been maintained.

Following these tips will help get any home ready to sell in the most competitive of markets. As the owner of Janet Kimberly Properties, I help my clients regularly walk through this process.  Contact me today for more information about preparing a home to sell.