The Raleigh real estate market has remained strong and competitive for a few years now. This means that home buyers are putting in dueling bids on the same home.

As the owner of Janet Kimberly Properties, I work to guide my clients on how to make wise home purchase decisions even when they feel rushed. Especially in this real estate market which can get anyone’s anxiety up.

So, pause, take a moment, and read through the items I have my clients consider.

3 things to consider when putting in a competing offer on a Wake County home are:

  1. Don’t Compete on the First Home: I guide my clients to make a wish list of what they want in their home then look at a few homes first. Sometimes, I even guide them to look outside what they think they really want. These helps create subjectivity and take the emotions down a little bit.
  2. Know the Advantage: There are a variety of different types of advantages that home buyers could have. They could be coming to the table with a cash offer, a higher offer, or a faster close date. Meet with a Wake County real estate agent and know what your competitive advantage will be.
  3. Be Flexible: In a competitive real estate market, we aren’t all going to be able to get what we want. So, set expectations accordingly. Understand that it’s not wise to fall in love with a home because it all comes down to the other offers the home sellers have on the table.

If you are struggling with competing bids in this tough real estate market, I would love to sit down with you and help guide you through the process. Contact me today and let’s set up a time to chat about your next home and home buying situation to set you up in the most competitive way for the Wake County real estate market.