When you decide to sell your home, you want it to sell as quickly as possible and for the best price that you can get. Selling a home isn’t something that one does often, and it can be a long and stressful experience.

However, knowing when is the best time to sell your home can be very beneficial to your home selling experience. While statistics may tell you the best time to sell a home, there are benefits and drawbacks to every time frame.

The pros and cons of selling your home at different times of the year are:

  • Spring
    • Pros
      • The weather is getting warmer and people are more willing to venture out and do house tours
      • Your home is likely to look the most appealing in the warmer seasons
      • Preparing your home to sell is easier in the Spring
    • Cons
      • The market may be saturated with competition at this time
      • If your home has no distinguishing features that make it unique, it is more difficult to market at this time
  • Summer
    • Pros
      • Many families prefer to time their moves with the school year so their children won’t be relocated in the middle of the school year
      • Workloads may be lighter in the summer months which allows for more time to house hunt.
    • Cons
      • People may choose to dedicate time to vacation rather than house hunting
      • In some areas, hot weather is a deterrent for people wanting to do house tours
  • Fall
    • Pros
      • The competition in this season is lower since Fall is not the most popular season to buy a home
      • With lower competition, a higher price can be set for your home
      • Buyers want to be moved in before cold weather sets in
    • Cons
      • Buyers with families won’t want their children to move schools at the beginning of the year
  • Winter
    • Pros
      • This is the least popular time to sell a home due to the weather
      • Like the Fall, a home can be sold for a higher price due to lower competition
    • Cons
      • There are less prospective buyers in this season
      • Homes do not have the best curb appeal in the winter
      • People are less likely to do house tours due to the weather

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